Tuesday 8 January 2013

總感覺大市不妙!KLCI 屢創新高後必會回跌。大馬如今最對未來最不明朗的因素就是GE13,就算各大基金經理想要推高股市,也總是高處不勝寒吧!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Huayang has broken up the triangle with volume ! Volume is low during correction. It is healthy.

Target price by TA is around 2.42.


From previous MACD divergence, I think it is time for Paramon to shoot up again.

RHB's target price is 1.90

Tuesday 1 January 2013





Cypark appeared shooting star after closing. The 240SMA line is a very strong resistance as we can see that price has just touched the line and turned down .

Since it has broken the upper down trend line. I will just hold .

The target price given by both Public Bank & CIMB is around 2.70.

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